Eltham Mind and Body Psychology


Eltham Mind and Body Psychology is a specialist psychology service for adults, with Allied Connections catering to the specific needs of children and adolescents.  Our aim is to promote psychological health and well-being to all our clients.  

Our multidisciplinary clinic provides Psychological Services with a view to expanding to other allied health services. We currently have a Naturopath  available for consultations. 

We are now open at a second location in Eltham at 1096 Main Road under the name of Eltham Mind and Body Clinic.  This clinic is home to several Psychologists, a naturopath and a children's Kinesiologist

 We also have Diamond Creek Mind and Body Clinic at 116 Main-Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek with a Psychologist, Counsellor, Remedial Massage Therapist and a Chiropractor

*Please phone each individual practitioner directly on their mobile numbers to make appointments*

Please browse our website for further information about our Services, Psychologists, Allied HealthFees, and Contact Details